snacks for 8.27

snacks for 8.27

large banana w/ pb & cocoa powder
carrots & hummus

for dinner i had the curry again.

i make a meal plan for the week and make enough for one 5-7 days. so this week was:

B) two slices udi’s toast w/ mashed avocado, oil and pink salt. Served w/ 1C blueberries and coffee w/ coconut milk
L) This is usually a bunch of snacks for me. Today was pine nut hummus & carrots, a large banana w/ pb & cocoa powder, another cup of coffee w/ coconut milk and a small “massaged” kale salad (no pic, but you massage the kale for a couple minutes in a bit of oil so it begins to break down. then add in cubed fruit and green onions. today i added mango & jalapenos)
D) “Curry” with ginger, garlic, crushed tomatoes, coconut milk, garam masala, chili powder, kale, sweet potatoes. Served w/ brown rice

I also made a zucchini & carrot noodle dish with a peanut sauce. I bought the wrong soy sauce (this is the ONLY soy I eat) and the flavor is all wrong. boyfriend puts hot sauce on it and no food goes wasted.

ps I am, quite literally, the poor college student. I spend 25$ or less a week for my boyfriend and I to eat. Granted, we always keep things such as brown rice and quinoa on hand. We both eat fruits & veggies and eat healthy to the best of our ability (I mean, c’mon, who could resist homemade dairy free Nutella?) He eats only chicken (I don’t), but we make a lot of soups and curries. They can be incredibly cheap. We NEVER go out to eat and if we do, our family is paying 😉 sometime i’ll make a post on how easy it is to spend that little for two people.


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