coffee = love

coffee = love

there are few things in this life that i love as much as a good cup of coffee. my favorite being a dirty chai – for you non coffee drinkers this is a cup of chai tea with an added shot of espresso. my boyfriend and i joke that this will be our “signature drink” at our wedding. to be fair, it probably will be.
i have an espresso maker but it creates a rather large shot (hey, no objections) but in order to not be incredibly bitter you have to add A LOT of coco milk, which is expensive. so my remedy:
A homemade dirty chai made primarily of french pressed coffee.
I make three cups of strong coffee and pour it over a tablespoon or so of sugar. Let a bag or two of spiced chai (my fav is “double spiced”) brew for a couple minutes. Take it out, stir in desired amount of coconut milk and split with your significant other. Relish in the deliciousness!

*for the record: i don’t even buy sugar. my friend wanted me to make her a treat and this was on an amazing sale (something like 2$ for the whole stinkin’ thing). this sugar does have a sweet maple-y taste, which is unique and pairs well with the drink. i prefer agave, but just using what i have*

*I also buy my tea in bulk-ish boxes. The Bigelow brand was something that was on sale at Target for $1.50/box. There’s an Indian spice/supply store about 10 minutes away from me that sells huge packs of chai tea for about $3.50. Take the size of a regular Lipton box of tea and multiply it by 4 or 5. That’s how many bags I get, for cheaper too! They have great prices on spices, rice and curry options. If you have an authentic or spice store near you, definately do some searching around!


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