Meal Plan for Week of 9/1

B: Blueberry quinoa
L: Buffalo Bean Chili over rice
D: Black bean soup + salad
Snacks: homemade popcorn, fruits & nuts, carrots and hummus

Notes: I find that cooking quinoa in almond milk (or any other dairy alternative) either burns, separates or becomes soupy. Not sure why I have these results, but nonetheless I cook it in water. When I go to prepare, I scoop the hot quinoa in a bowl and top with frozen blueberries (I like them partially frozen), a splash or coconut milk & maple syrup. You could use agave or honey (for non vegan) or plain ol’ sugar, but I prefer the smoothness of the maple syrup, as I’m sure white sugar wouldn’t dissolve since this dish isn’t soup-y as say oatmeal.
~The buffalo bean soup is made from a base of crushed tomatoes, onions, garlic, paprika, chili powder and oregano. I add half veggie stock, half water. The recipe calls for all stock, but I find that adding half water saves on the cost and you can’t tell the difference. Next I add in buffalo sauce (homemade from my cayenne pepper plant!), celery, carrots and a boatload of white northern & pinto beans. Simmer for a bit. You’re welcome 😉
~Unfortunately this week my black bean soup isn’t homemade. I ran out of time, this weekend was super busy (aka fun) for me & I’m trading off my cooking time for some homework time. 17 credits isn’t a joke. *sigh* In case you’re curious the soup is the Pacific brand, organic and is made from veggie broth not chicken as I find so often. ~Served with the soup is a salad. My favorite one in fact! It’s a romaine base – usually I mix romaine and baby spinach for salads but this week my store was out of organic greens as it’s on sale. In case you’re wondering why my base isn’t more nutrient dense, I HATE spring greens. It is THE DEVIL. It’s good for you but so so bitter. And don’t even get me started on arugula. It’s not peppery, it’s not delicious, it is death in my mouth. Not right for my palette, but maybe yours. (btw, you can be picky like me and still eat well hehe) Besides dietetics, my second major is culinary. So from a culinary standpoint I also enjoy the crunch and texture of romaine. Enough of the schpeel. I top the salad w/ whatever fruit is on sale: strawberries (2 for $5), raspberries (5 half pints for $5 can you believe that price?!), avocado, sunflower seeds and a dressing. Usually my dressing is a simple mix of orange juice, salt, pepper and light olive oil. It’s simple but so very understated. This week I was lazy and bought gelatin and dairy free (ie vegan) poppyseed dressing. You could blend the dressing with fruit to make it a strawberry poppyseed dressing or even avocado poppyseed would be good!

Mmmm food


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