For dinner I have a salad of baby spinach, red onion and corn. The corn is grilled in the husk and then shaved off with a knife. I made a lime-cilantro dressing, I’ll post that recipe later. I made sweet potato fries and served that with it. I slice up 5 sweet potatoes into fries, toss in oil, paprika, chipotle powder, onion powder and garlic powder. Mix and bake at 375 until crispy, flipping a couple times. I would normally add cayenne pepper, but the chipotle powder blend I bought from the spice store around the corner and it’s pretty spicy itself.

I work second shift so I eat dinner around 6:30pm and I’m usually hungry again around 8 or so. Today I brought a small pumpkin oatmeal smoothie for more energy. I try not to eat that late but to be fair I work until midnight and stay up til around 2am doing homework.

Kind of boring, but still a party in my mouth 🙂


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