Avo Toast


Avo Toast


Grocery Hall


Grocery Hall

~Earth balance, whipped on sale for $2.49
~Raspberries, 5 for $5
~4 lbs sweet potatoes, $3.97
~3 bananas, 57c/lb , 1.71
~Corn, 3 ears, $1
~Small pkg organic kale, sale for $1.97
~Lrg pkg organic baby spinach. $4.99
~Org romaine , sale for $2.49
~Org avocados (4 small), $3.99 (cheaper than buying non organic avocados)
~Lrg salsa, $2.89
~2 jalapenos, $1

Next Week Meal Plan

This weekend will be busy with exams, so I made the meal plan super early when I had a bit of time.

I am currently unsatisfied with this weeks meal plan. I had sniffles, more of an allergy, but I feel in due to this dairy & meat laden week my allergies have turned into a full blown cold. I haven’t gotten a cold in over two years!!!!! That meal plan is probably the last healthy one Ive made and I am not feeling well from it. Need to add more veggies & fruits. I rarely eat meat and this was too heavy on chicken. And dairy… I shouldn’t be eating dairy/soy anyways since I am allergic! I was doing very good with my vegan, soy free, gluten free plans and I felt amazing, unstoppable! Now my body is getting sick. Grr. Unfortunately its the food I have and I cant afford to trash it. Goes to show what you put in is a direct correlation to how you feel, how you react, how you focus, perform, etc.
Hopefully next week will be better:

B: Protein green smoothie: spinach, frozen berries, almond or coco milk, scoop pea protein powder (vegan), spirulina

L: Salad base topped w/ craisins, avocado, carrots and these corn cakes:

I will grill the corn and then chop it off the ear.

D: Small steamed or baked sweet potato topped w/ crunchy pb, cinnamon & granola. Served w/ small salad.

Snacks: Hummus, popcorn, nuts/dry fruit

I’m already longing for next week.

9/16 Meal Plan

B: Toast rounds topped w/ avocado, bit of oil, pink salt. w/ fruit and coffee w/ coco milkL: Sammis: BF: Bread w/ buffalo chx, avocado, romaine, oven dried roma tomatoes, black bean spread & hummus Served w/ a cup of white chili
D: BBQ Chx/Veggie Pizza


~Toast rounds: cut in half (These are like english muffins, but GF and homemade from a GF bakery by me), toast, top w/ mashed avocado, 1/4tsp Mediterranean oil mix, twist of pink salt. Served w/ blueberries & coffee w/ coco milk.
~Sammis are whole GRAIN bread, toasted, one side spread w/ homemade black bean spread, second side covered w/ pine nut hummus. In center is buffalo chx, avocado slices, romaine leafs, homemade dried tomatoes, served w/ homemade white chx chili.
~I use tortillas, top w/ bbq sauce, shredded chx, veggies, red onions & top w/ mozz cheese

Lots of carbs this week but I am uping my exercise. 5k run/jog, T25 or taebo video, & an hour + 15 of power vinyasa yoga at home. Sounds crazy but I miss being super active.

Snacks: homemade popcorn, nuts & dry fruits